The Navtex is a device capable of displaying notices to sailors and weather bulletins.

How Navtex operates and how it is managed in Italy

The Navtex service operates through a series of transmitting stations at a frequency of 518 and 490 kHz, the device receives the signal and can show the received data on a display or print it directly.

Installation requires the placement of a small antenna and a central unit with a printer or display.

The service is free and the stations that cover the Italian seas from 01/01/2012 are all managed by the Harbour Offices.

Some say there have been users who have complained about an inadequate service prior to this date, when the old stations were operated by Telecom. In any case, today the Harbour Master's Offices have taken over the management completely by setting up 3 new stations (La Maddalena, Mondolfo and Sellia Marina), which in addition to maintaining efficient service on the 518 KHz, have also activated the service on the 490 KHz.

When it is required and when it is suggested

When is required

For ships subject to the GMDSS system, Navtex is mandatory when you do not have an Inmarsat EGC system.

When it is suggested

If you do not have a more efficient system for receiving notices to sailors or weather forecasts on your boat, then Navtex is definitely recommended for its ease of installation and economy.