Open Radar Antenna: Seiwa SWR-10-106

SWR-10-106 Seiwa

Seiwa SWR-10-106 Open Radar Antenna, Diameter 106.07, Kw Power, Automatic Tuning, Manual Gain.


Intercacciabile with many of the plotter Seiwa, allows you to integrate all the functions of a professional radar, with the help of these BlackBox.

The Radar Overlay display is widely used, where the radar screen is superimposed on the cartography, allowing an immediate comparison of the details coming from the two different technologies, and thus limiting the risks of misinterpretation.

Technical characteristics

  • Minimum detection
  • Manual gain
  • STC manual. Manual FTC
  • Automatic tuning
  • IPX6 construction
  • Scales 1/8-48 nm.
  • Horizontal beam 2.4°, vertical 25°.
  • Rotation 24 rpm.
  • Power supply 10,8-41,6 Vdc.
  • Absorption less than 60 W.


  • 061-2530

    Seiwa B.Box Radar SWR-10, 4Kw, Open Ø 106,7 cm

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  • Multipolar shielded cable 10mt
  • Radar Junction Box
  • Installation template

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