C-eMap C-MAP Navigation Software

SW C-eMap C-Map

C-eMAP navigation software for PDA and SmartPhone, supplied with the eMAX EMF001 cartridge, compatible with Windows Mobile 2003 for Pocket PC.


C-eMAP is the navigation software for PDAs and Smartphones, supplied free of charge with the purchase of an eMAX EMF001 cartridge. The package, preloaded on SD cartridge, consists of the eMAX cartography and CeMAP software compatible with the Windows Mobile 2003 operating system for Pocket PC.
The software is based on the management simplified by the main navigation functions and can be used even by inexperienced users.


  • 062-7110

    Kit for PDA with SW C-eMap + Cartography EMF001

    Weight: 0.1 kg; Dimensions: 25.3 x 14 x 1.3 cm
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