Support Tools RAM-B107


Articulated support for the installation of instruments on 108 x 97 mm base, RAM-B107 and compatible with various Humminbird devices.


Ideal for installations on flat surfaces, such as the boat's control surface or the car's dashboard. The base has 7 holes at various distances to facilitate the adaptation, also thanks to the coupling ball, the support RAM-MOUNT can be oriented both vertically and horizontally, which in addition to a very high resistance, also ensures the absorption of vibration.

The fixing base of the instrument has several holes at different distances so that it can be adapted to different instruments such as:

Humminbird: 100
Series: 141c
300 Series: 383c, 363, 343c, 323
500 Series: 595c, 585c, 565, 535, 525, 515
700 Series: 787c2, 777c2, 767, 737, 727
Matrix: 87c, 77c, 67, 47-3D, 37, 27, 17, 12, 10
It also fits various other instruments that can be fixed on a 108 x 97 mm base.

The product is made entirely of steel painted with special paints for particularly resistant and indelible boats.


  • Length 11cm
  • Width 7cm
  • Arm height 9,5 cm
  • Base Diameter
  • Weight supported 2 kg


  • 136-6200

    RAM-B-107 Kit for Various Humminbird Models

    GTIN13: 0793442101076; Weight: 0.4 kg; Dimensions: 30 x 14.5 x 6.5 cm
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The correct placement of instruments on the bridge is a recurring problem. Often, in fact, we have limited spaces where it is difficult to place an instrument, without giving visibility to another. Or you may not be able to give the right angle to the display towards the pilot. Or removing the instrument is not easy.
These and other problems are completely solved by RAM supports!
They are made of the best metal alloys and entirely produced in the USA, in order to guarantee an unlimited duration over time. The clamping is immediate and safe by means of a knob that tightens the balls at the end, thus fixing the support in the desired inclination.