Marinated Radio Boss Marine MR2080W

MR2080W Boss Marine

Boss Marine MR2080W with RDS, MP3, CD-R and CD-RW compatible, Second station control (wired) supplied, Backlit silicone keyboard.


Stereo has been carefully designed and tested to operate in a marine environment, but it does not renounce the pleasant aesthetic sense common to all Boss products.
"Boss Marine" is a leader in marinizing technology thanks to the use of highly advanced techniques for the coating of all electronic components, in this way is effectively constrained by the action of agents such as moisture and salt.

? ISO DIN 1.5 mounting
Radio Tuner ? 24 Programmable
Stations ? Digital
clock ? CD Mute
function ? Repeat Track or Random
? Scan Introduction
? 1-bit
D/A converter ? Oversampling 8x
? Front or Rear
Aux Input ? Compatibility with iPod
output ? Ouput for Subwoofer 1 channel
antiskip mechanism ? Preset equalizer (EQ button)
? Treble and Bass separated
? Dual RCA output (front and rear)
? Loudness
? Stereo/Mono
key ? Local/distance key


  • 240-3350

    Boss Marine MR2080W CD/MP3 - White

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  • Second station control (flush) supplied
  • MP3, CD-R and CD-RW compatibility
  • ID3-Tag compatibility
  • RDS (Radio Data System)
  • Backlit silicone keyboard
  • ISO DIN 1.5 mounting
  • 80w x 4 channels


  • Second station control (5mt. wire) supplied
  • Connecting cables