DF2250FX NorCross fishfinder

DF2250FX NorCross

NorCross DF2250FX fishfinder, Useful for measuring distances and depths; when swimming, in a tender or in a roadstead, equipped with xenon bulb light.


Particularly suitable for those who practice underwater sports, they are in fact completely portable, floating and waterproof up to 60 meters.
They will be useful companions for all the excursions to swim, with the tender, or in roadstead in order to read the effective distance from the cliff and in every case like secondary fishfinder in case the fixed one goes in failure.
A special icon on the backlit display is able to signal the presence of fish. The possibility of measuring the temperature of both air and water is convenient.
The depth reading is very instantaneous and precise thanks to the very fast ultrasonic scanning performed 4 times per second.
It is also equipped with ShootThru technology, which allows you to read through the keels of small boats or piers.
The new 2250 differs from the 2200 to incorporate a xenon bulb light.


  • 090-8210

    Norcross 2250 Depth/Temp/Light Port. (July-09)

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ScreenPolarized LCD - 24 x 16 mm
ConstructionWaterproof up to 60 meters (IPx8)
Staircases Prof.Between 0 and 60 m
Max Prof. 50 m
Fund StructuresNo.
Fish SymbolYes.
Fish TrackNo.
Temperat.Measurable for both water and air
Frequency200 KHz
Cone Trasd.20°
Alimentaz.Using 4 stylus batteries (AA battery) - 30 hours of autonomy
Dimensions177 x 50 x 50 mm
More Carats.Fully portable and floating, ShootThru technology. Xenon bulb light