Garmin Fishfinder 160C colour

160C Garmin

Garmin Fishfinder 160C comes with a 14° and 45° dual cone transducer with 150 W power (RMS).


Fishfinder, which implements Garmin technology on a very bright color display while presenting itself with a cost within the reach of all fans.
Dual Beam technology is capable of directing two different frequencies on a single frequency transducer, to the advantage of the selectable scanning beam. It operates on 120 and 80 KHz for a beam of 14° and 45°, in particular the 45° beam is particularly useful for a wide visualization well beyond the sides of the boat.
It uses "See-Thru" technology that simultaneously analyzes strong and weak return signals so that fish can be detected even in the thermocline band.
Incorporates the new Ultrascroll™ technology for a higher scanning frequency which makes it easier for you to get the most accurate representation and not to miss out on important details during high-speed navigation.


  • 090-7200

    Garmin 160C - Poppa Transducer with Temperature

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ScreenCSTN 4,5" - 16 colours Sunviewable - 81 x 81 mm
Definition128 x 128 pixels
ConstructionIPx7 (protected for temporary immersion) and impact resistant chassis
Staircases Prof.Between 0-260 m
Max Prof. 120 m
Fund StructuresTo be analysed on colours and WhiteLine
Fish SymbolIn 3 sizes
Fish TrackYes.
AlarmsShallow/high bottom, fish for size and low battery
SpeedOnly with optional sensor
Power150 W RMS
Frequency80/120 KHz on single frequency transducer 200 KHz (nominal)
Cone Trasd.45? e 14°
Alimentaz.10-18 Vdc - 12 W
Dimensions125h x 155 x 74 mm
More Carats.Ultrascroll and See-Thru® technology, NMEA 0183 output, battery voltage