Boost your Marketing Actions in Italy !

This page is written in english to present ourself to international brands that wish to boost marketing actions in the italian marine market.

What we Offer to International Brands

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Today marketing communication starts online and many times end in this technological place. Marine Pan Service with an internal software house, has boosted the maximum technology to achieve the result of first visited WEB site in Italy in the leisure boat market.

What is online is under our strict observation and we have plans of actions for every segment, from social to forum and from the dealer site to marketplace such as eBay, Amazon or Google Shopping.

Every product of our offering is supported by the best communication you can achieve in italian leisure boat market.

The result of this strategy is clearly in evidence: most of our brands we represent are in Italy the first in their specific market segment and generally our brands acquire a share much greater then any other country, sometime even greater then the country of origin.

Our Services to Customers

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After Sales Support

This is the feature better known of Marine Pan Service and the company name take with itself the importance we give to service. We offer on line an after sales support where users are delighted of a incredible service, very easy to use and where you can monitor the progress of the service.

MPS Sync

We are synchronizing online dealers with our datas, so every product we launch, is in the dealer site automatically, as well of every other new information (new features, new advises, stock quantity, prices etc). Further information: MPS Sync.

Marketing Area

It is the reserved area for our dealers, totally oriented to the marketing purposes, so not only placing order etc. This is a system structured to take more confidence with our products, market capabilities and features, with the "inside" target to motivate purchases. Further information: Marketing Area

Quality internal Processes

  • Prototype are tested in our in our lab and often on our boat
  • Each product sold is tested before distribution.
  • Relabeling for some products to better satisfy the italian authorities
  • Full documentation (italian manuals, warranty, conformity, declarations, forms etc)
  • Orders despatched in the same day
  • Always at least 95% of the products in stock

Employers trained for the best customer care

Our employers are fully trained on the exact way to handle communication with customers. Employers are exactly trained on the minimal information which must fit every email or phone communications. Every emails is replied into the 120 minutes for the 90% of cases and 24 hours for the 100%.

MPS Glossary

Our Glossary is one of the key of success of our WEB site, every marine technology is explained with very easy words and we try to clarify every legislation expected for the specific technology.

MPS News

MPS News is our format to spread news for marketing and services purposes. Every new product is launched by this platform, which consist of a newsletter to around 5000 recipients and a place in MPS News (a section of our site very well indexed and known).

Photo Lab

We have our own photo lab, driven by our technology MPS Hand Painting which is a process based on shotting methods, followed by some tricks made by our software. The result is a picture with the 3D profile optimized which give a better appeal on WEB view.

MPS Roadmap

Is a seminary with stages on 7 different cities where we present products to our dealers. Such event is not yearly based and has been done on 2005, 2007 and 2011.

The Market

Mauro Dell'Uomo<br />General Manager
Mauro Dell'Uomo
General Manager
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Today Marine Pan Service is one of the few prosperous company acting in the italian marine market. Even in the recent past years of deep crisis we were a growing and profitable company. In 45 years of our story this is probably the best period.

We have a large demand for our products and in this scenario the only difficulty is to select the perfect distribution chain, avoiding that companies in the middle damage the perfect image we create over our products.

We have a stable relationship with the major wholesalers, dealers and installers. While boatbuilders are generally supplied by our installers or wholesalers, but in the last few years is increasing the number of those we supply directly as this market is well retaking after a deep crisis.

WEB dealers are an important part of our project to assure the presence of our products in every WEB corner. Some are using MPS Sync and so all of our products are showed in the perfect way, others are controlled on their site. We demand to treat our ranges with the best attention and products cannot be hidden, for example, in home page.

If you are searching to expand your business in the italian marine market and you have a technological and reliable products range, please do not hesitate to join us, you will be delighted of our organization fully prepared toward your target.